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Nifedipine Xl is the generic term for a calcium channel blocker, used to lower blood pressure and reduce the frequency and severity of angina or Raynaud's phenomenon. It is suitable in all ages, though a doctor will need to determine dosage for young patients.

The XL in this product's name indicates it's the extended-release version; Nifedipine can be bought in a regular formula, taken several times per day. Regular versions of this product have a few applications that the XL version does not.

Most people buy Nifedipine Xl under its more widely-recognized names, including Procardia XL, Adipine XL, Adalat XL, Nifedical XL, and others.

What to Expect from Nifedipine Xl

Nifedipine Xl is a calcium channel blocker, which disrupts the absorption of calcium into cells. This action relaxes and widens blood vessels, improving blood flow and oxygen delivery to the heart, while reducing the amount of work required from the heart.

For use at home patients buy Nifedipine Xl in tablets; like most extended-release medications, tablets should not be crushed or chewed. Some versions will have a score line on each tablet; these may be split. If there's no score line it should be swallowed whole. Taking tablets with or without food is a matter of personal preference. Avoid grapefruit and grapefruit juice while taking Nifedipine Xl; it may make the medication significantly more powerful.

Most patients buy Nifedipine Xl for long-term use; in some scenarios lifestyle changes---quitting smoking, exercise, losing weight, and so forth---may make a significant difference and patients can eventually stop taking medication. In many cases, however, lifestyle changes won't be sufficient or aren't the problem to begin with, and patients will buy Nifedipine Xl or similar medications for the remainder of life.

Regardless of what it's used for---high blood pressure, angina, or Raynaud's phenomenon---treatment is strikingly similar:

  • Most patients start on 30 to 60 mg, taken once per day.
  • After one or two weeks, dosage may be increased, if needed, up to 120 mg taken once per day.
  • Do not exceed 120 mg per day without doctor approval.
  • Rarely dosage may be increased to 240 mg per day, usually for hypertension. Adding other anti-hypertensive treatments will provide more benefit than higher doses of Nifedipine Xl.

Nifedipine Xl works fairly quickly, with substantial results being seen just a few days after starting treatment, and dosage adjustments may be made sooner than the 7 to 14 days recommended. If time permits, however, most doctors prefer to wait a week or two to be sure maximum benefit is reached before modifying dosage.

Regardless of what it's used for, Nifedipine Xl will lower blood pressure. Patients with normal to low blood pressure are not good candidates for this medication.

Patients should not buy Nifedipine Xl to treat Raynaud's phenomenon that is secondary to erythromelalgia. Calcium channel blockers can cause erythromelalgia to flare up.

Note that in treating angina, Nifedipine Xl is not a rescue treatment---it will not stop an angina attack in progress. Rescue treatments, like nitroglycerin, should continue to be used as-needed.

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